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About The Practice Journal

For 50 years, the word “practice” has been etched upon the company’s namecards, symbolising generations of “Practice-makers” who relentlessly march forward to explore and experiment, and also continuously reflect, evaluate and learn. To this end, the publication of an electronic journal provides one such avenue.

We hope that this simple journal would enable theatre makers to present an account of their creative endeavours and deliberations; to inspire extended discussions even after the curtains have drawn upon productions; to provide audiences with a space outside of theatre, through articles that invoke further reflections; to also uncover and reinterpret viewpoints and dialogues through the literary arena; perhaps even to have Singapore culture – our culture – flourish beyond the realm of authoritative command; to not churn out plays simply in pursuit of commercial viability; to not see theatre merely as a source of fun and entertainment to enliven dull lives……

Our expectations are manifold, and they would not be easily realised. Rather than having hollow words and setting such high hopes, now it is time to start the ball rolling. The Practice Journal is our deliverance. 

The Practice Journal is a quarterly publication, hence there will be four issues in a year. In its own way, we hope that the journal would make a difference to you.

We also hope that even more people would join us in future to contribute their thoughts on theatre, through the voice of literature.