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Living in the Present, Not Forgetting the Past

Translate / Wei Shimin

This year is significant for those around me and in fact this entire country – we are striding into a new era. Milestones include the celebration of 50 years of nation-building, the loss of our founding Prime Minister, and many more. This year, be it in terms of sensitivity or rationality, there is a strong connection between the era and our sense of self.  

I am acutely aware of the importance of conclusions. Every milestone provides us with an opportunity to conclude; in fact, the greatest significance lies in it. Conclusions are about looking at past events with a current perspective. I believe that as eras come and go, the values of people and society are constantly in flux, and what we hold dear to us would never be the same. In every conclusion, it gives us a chance to view the past from a new perspective, and to see the present clearly for what it is. We cannot simply exist from moment to moment; we ought to live consciously in the present. This can be achieved only if we understand and not forget the past.

Rather than draw a rational conclusion through the use of questionnaires, statistics, and percentages, I much prefer the personal, in-depth and intimate touch that connects us through theatre, the arts and the humanities. Hence, in this momentous year, I wish to reflect upon the past through the Practice Journal. No matter a distant or recent past, be it a theatrical or personal past, I would draw upon them to more deeply recognise our present, our theatre and our humanity.

This year, the Practice Journal has a refreshingly new appearance, in line with the online reading habits of our generation. I am grateful to the graphic designer for the minimalistic design style. I will strive for higher standards in terms of content, and enable the Practice Journal to be ever more reader-friendly and accessible.


(Picture: Rehearsal photo of Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral in 1995)

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